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The Benefits of having a Property Manager manage your Investment Property

Why should you use Beyond Real Estate SA for your Property Management needs?

Having the right Property Manager for your property can help maximize your investment and make your long journey of property investment simple.

Each client of ours has the same goal 'making the most out of your investment property'. Here at Beyond Real Estate we understand this goal and do everything that we can to ensure that this goal is reached.

Leasing: You will be kept up to date throughout your leasing process. We are experienced when it comes to screening tenants, reviewing applications and carrying out the correct reference procedure checks required to obtain great tenants.

The middle man: We act as buffer between yourself and your tenants to avoid any confrontations, such a late rent payments and overdue invoices. This results in minimal confrontation for yourself as an investment owner. 

We are always available: Being hard working ourselves, we understand that you are not always available when it comes to dealing with matters for your investment property. As a Property Manager our job is to always be available throughout the day to discuss any issues regarding the property or payments that your tenant may have. We are also available after hours should an emergency arise, as a result freeing up your time to enjoy a peaceful night.

Happy Tenants: Following the correct procedures and liaising with the tenant regularly when required results in them being happy with our services and in most cases wanting to continue their lease at your property. As a result this decreases your chances of having a high tenant turn over and it can also save you money.

Rent Payments: Here at Beyond Real Estate, we work hard to ensure that your rental payments are received on time. We follow the correct procedures if a tenant is late with rental or invoice payments to ensure you receive your payments as soon as possible.

Insurances: As we have trusted and partnered Insurance Companies we can offer better insurance rates for both your Property and Building Insurance.

Legislation: Not all investors are aware of how extensive legislation is and the importance of following legislation. As Property Managers it is our job keep ourselves up to date frequently with the constant changes to legislation and procedures. Having a Property Manager knowing and following these procedures will save you a lot of time and troubles.

Tax Time: Having Beyond Real Estate manage the bills for your investment property can make tax time troubles a breeze. With end of financial year statements all bills and expenditures relating to your property will all be in the one place and ready to go for your accountant.

Tenant Services

Being a tenant is a great lifestyle choice, it provides you with flexibility when you need it most. Our experienced team will work with you to find the most appropriate property dependent on your circumstance. 

We treat all of our tenants with the same respect that we treat our Landlords with.